Tohoku Electric Power Group

Tohoku Electric Power Renewable Energy Service Co., Inc.

With the technological strength and surplus that ranks fourth in the electric power business, we will continue to share renewable energy in this region.



Maintenance of renewable energy power plants and related equipment

Safety, security, and quality control

Work planning and management


24-hour monitoring of renewable energy plants and related equipment

Early detection of equipment anomalies using IoT technology

Prompt response to anomaly detection


Safety drills

Maintenance training with actual equipment

Training in troubleshooting based on case studies of accidents in thermal and hydro power plants

What We Can Do

Providing high-quality service
to maintain the reliability
of facilities

Strengths of the Tohoku Electric Power Group

  • Utilization of technological capability and safety, security, and quality management expertise cultivated over 70 years in the electric power business
  • Provision of comprehensive services utilizing business bases in all prefectures in the Tohoku and Niigata regions
  • Prompt on-site response through cooperation between the Tohoku Electric Power Group and local companies
  • Utilization of existing 24-hour monitoring system and operational expertise
  • Development of renewable energy engineers utilizing human resource development programs for thermal and hydro power stations, etc

Supporting safe, secure and stable operation of your power generation business

Utilization of AI/IoT technologies and overseas knowledge

  • Improvement of work efficiency utilizing drone technology in thermal power stations
  • Improvement of work quality utilizing smart glasses in inspection of electrical facilities
  • Introduction of cutting-edge overseas knowledge through collaboration with overseas wind power maintenance companies


President Yoshihiro Ogawa


President Yoshihiro Ogawa
The six prefectures of the Tohoku region, together with Niigata Prefecture, have abundant supplies of renewable energy, which have been actively and effectively utilized through introduction of wind, solar, hydro, and geothermal power generation.
At the same time, renewable energy is playing an ever-larger role as responses to global warming become more crucial throughout society. One example is Japan's declaration of a plan to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
The Tohoku Electric Power Group will actively rise to the challenge of creating a sustainable society by implementing its own plan to become carbon neutral by 2050.
Tohoku Electric Power Renewable Energy Service was established to promote maximum utilization of renewable energy by supporting safe, secure, and stable operation of power generation business.
Making use of strengths and resources built up by the Tohoku Electric Power Group over 70 years in the electricity business, we will strive to provide services that earn our customers' trust.
As a renewable energy power plant operation and maintenance company and a member of the Tohoku Electric Power Group, we will grow with the region. We look forward to your continuing support and cooperation.


Company Name Tohoku Electric Power Renewable Energy Service Co., Inc.
Head Office 2F, Kakyoin Bldg, 2-1-14 Kakyoin, Aoba-ku, Sendai, Miyagi 980-0013, Japan
Established April 14,2021
President Yoshihiro Ogawa
Capital ¥9.9billion(capital 4.95billion,capital reserve 4.95billion)
Shareholders Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. 100%
Business content Maintenance of renewable energy power plants and related equipment, Operation, Training and more service
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